Captain Dr. Joe Hudak

Introducing Captain Dr. Joe Hudak, a chiropractor on land and Captain of The Back Pay by sea. With expert hands and a keen eye, he tends to both spines and sails with equal care and precision. Whether he's casting lines or adjusting spines, Captain Dr. Joe combines his healing touch with a passion for angling, making each trip aboard The Back Pay a rejuvenating adventure. Get ready to unwind and reel in some memories under the expert care of Captain Dr. Joe. 🎣💆‍♂️

Andy Hudak

In memory of Andy Hudak, a legendary saltwater angler whose passion for the sea was unmatched. His expertise, camaraderie, and larger-than-life tales enriched the fishing community beyond measure. As we reflect on his legacy, may we cast our lines with the same zeal and reverence for the ocean that he embodied. Farewell to a true icon of the deep blue. 🌊🎣 Love you dad.

Captain "Chef" Jeff

Meet Captain "Chef" Jeff, a master of the seas and the kitchen. He navigates the waves with skill and precision, while also delighting the crew with mouthwatering seafood creations. With a passion for both fishing and cooking, Captain "Chef" Jeff brings a unique blend of flavors to every journey, making him a beloved figure on land and sea alike. Get ready for a culinary adventure with Captain "Chef" Jeff at the helm! 🌊🍽️

Christian Hudak

Christian is following in his old man's footsteps. Christian caught his first salt water fish at the age of 5 and he's been hooked ever since.

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