Dr. Joe Hudak

Dr. Joe says "Fishing is my golf." He has a deep passion for Deep Sea Fishing and enjoys taking his family and friends out for fishing excursions.

Scott Moehl

Scott loves to be out on the water and part of the Backpay crew. He grew up fishing the Great Lakes but loves the East Coast salt water fishing the most.

Dr. Carl Ingrassia

Dr. Carl is an avid angler and has landed a few whoppers in his day! He's always a joy to be around and makes the BackPay excursions 10X's the fun!

Katie Hudak

Katie enjoys fishing with her dad too!  She's a chip off the old block!  Just look at this Large Mouth Bass she caught at Epcot Lake in Orlando!

Andy Hudak

Andy has been fishing for decades and is the reason why Dr. Joe has continued the legacy of Hudak Anglers! Andy is full of Salt Water Angler Secrets that he's been passing down to his family!

Christian Hudak

Christian is following in his old man's footsteps. Christian caught his first salt water fish at the age of 5 and his been hooked ever since.

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